5 Best Motorcycle Storage Options For All Budgets

Check out my top 5 motorcycle storage solutions. I’ve kept the list small by design to eliminate confusion and give the best option using price, protection, and durability as the main parameters.

No matter what type of motorcycle you own or type of riding you do, everyone has to park their motorcycle at some point. The best options for storage will keep your bike safe and protect it from the elements.

Not everyone who owns a motorcycle has a garage, so good storage choices can be hard to come by. One must consider the quality of the product, ease of use, and the price they are willing to pay for convenience, functionality, and security. Given your particular needs and desires, some of the options listed below may suit you better than others.

The best option will protect your motorcycle from any threats when it is parked and you are not around to keep watch. Some threats to your motorcycle include but are not limited to harsh weather like sun or rain and thieves looking to steal or vandalize your bike.

Whether you’re storing your bike inside at home, outside at home, or on the go, there’s a reasonable option for everyone.

1. Seceles Heavy Duty All Season Motorcycle Cover


This is a great cover for someone who needs something they can take with them on the go and still have all-weather protection. The reinforced cutouts at the bottom allow you to have a lock and cable attached to the motorcycle and cover which can be attached to a static object when parked so the bike is more difficult to steal.

The cover is also water-resistant with adjustable straps at the bottom so that wind cannot pull the cover off of the bike.


  • convenient storage bag
  • under $50
  • theft prevention lock holes
  • weather resistant
  • thicker material than cheap brands to last longer in harsh weather


  • doesn’t fit very large bikes with big windshields or luggage attached

2. Advance Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Shelter Shed


If you do not have a garage at your home this is a great outdoor storage option. This storage shed does require assembly but provides significantly more protection and coverage than a standard motorcycle cover. The shed comes in four sizes ranging in price to accommodate all sizes of motorcycles.

The thick triple later cover protects against all four seasons of extreme weather from hot to cold and wet to dry.


  • 2 removable roll-up zipper doors for convenience
  • heavy-duty durable frame for added safety and more rigid construction


  • unclear directions
  • structure moves around in high wind

3. Acelane Outdoor Motorcycle Cover


This is one of the most economical options on the market today. You can bring this with you using the portable bag that will fit into most backpacks. This cover comes in the high-visibility orange as well as a more stylish silver color if you so choose.

This is the cheapest option on the list and as a result build quality is not quite up to the standard of the more expensive options. The material is thinner and will wear down faster in harsh weather. Some reviews reported the material fading and wearing thinner in harsh sun resulting in tearing.

However, if low cost is the most important factor for you, this is a great option that will cover your bike and still provide some security with the reinforced lock hole near the front wheel. I would recommend trying to park in shade or under some cover if possible to reduce the wear on the cover.


  • cheapest option on the list at just over $20
  • added functionality of front lock hole and clasping straps that support underneath the bike


  • lower build quality and cheaper material will lead to premature wear and tear

4. Yoleny Outdoor Retractable Motorcycle Tent


I really like this option for motorcycle storage because it is a hybrid of the structural shed and the portable cover. It’s a simple structure that can be set up at home as a semi-permanent structure or taken on the go in a larger carrying case like you would imagine a tent would fit into.

At this price point, you are going to get added protection with the convenience of being able to take on the go in a pinch. This option also has the ability to mount the structure to the ground if you’re expecting high winds or extreme rain which helps keep your bike safe.


  • highly versatile home and portable use
  • good mid-range price point
  • fast setup assembly and storage


  • If you want to take with you the bag is large and clunky so might be difficult to carry

5. Outsunny Metal Motorcycle Storage Shed


This will be the best option for someone not worried about the money and simply wants maximum protection and security. This is not very portable so it needs to be set up at home somewhere that won’t get in the way of day-to-day activities. This would be ideal for someone without a garage but has an expensive bike.

The 41.25″ x 98″ x 68.5” – 76″ Height dimensions allow for someone to push a standard size bike in and out. The front door can be locked and the entire construction is metal which will deter intruders as well as bad weather. There isn’t any risk of your bike getting wet or damaged by the sun inside this shed.


  • highest level of protection
  • structural solid design


  • highest priced option
  • some assembly required

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